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Company history

Shafran Spice LLC was founded in 2010 and is located in the Kyiv region. For 10 years of impeccable work in the food industry market, Saffron Spice LLC has earned the trust of the largest Ukrainian food producers. Saffron Spice is a dynamically developing company with exclusively Ukrainian capital.

Since the moment of foundation, the company specializes in the distribution and production of functional and flavoring mixtures for the meat industry.

The company’s mission is to promote the competitiveness of our customers by offering products adapted to market conditions.


Experts with perennial experience

Honest and professional service for our clients, finding professional solutions in the field of food technologies are the principles of our daily work.

Work is a delight and the goal is the development of innovative solutions for the people working for us. We are always open to new opportunities.

According to the latest trends in the market, we work in such a way that with our help our clients are competitive.


Shafran Spice LLC occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian market of food ingredients. The name of the company (the company’s name) is strongly associated with concepts such as stability, quality, professionalism and a high level of service. Partnership with Saffron Spice LLC is a guarantee of success and progressive development of your business.


Our company has a vacancy for the position of Head of Laboratory/Laboratory Assistant. 
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Full time job

Experience: 1 year.

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